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Non-woven Bag

Non-woven bags are reasonable fabric-like bags made from spun-bonded polypropylene (PP) which can be recycled, naturally decompose, or completely incinerates. These bags are eco-friendly, water resistance, air permeability, softness and durability. Non-woven bags are great for shopping, promotional use, exhibition use, and many other uses. Non-woven bags are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs that can be used for a variety of purposes. Non-woven bags are very popular and trendy making them appealing to your most discerning customers. Because of strength, durability and quality of non-woven bags you can use these bags to promote your brand name, logo, slogan or other information.


Non-woven bags are made from polypropylene fabric are 100% recyclable eco-friendly and your customers, you consider environmental issues in your everyday operations. Non-woven, reusable bags are great for promoting both your services and your products. Customers will reuse the bags over and over promoting your business wherever they go. These non-woven bags leave a lasting impression on your customers when you use them as promotional bag, exhibition bag or shopping bag. The wide variety of non-woven bags available at exceptionally low costs allow them to be a unique representation of your business without breaking the bank.


VIVAN With many years of experience in producing non-woven bags can create the widest range of these bags at competitive prices. We use the highest quality materials to produce bags that are strong and durable while still being fully recyclable. Using our team of specialists, we ensure each bag we manufacture is exactly what you have ordered. Our goal is to create the best promotional non-woven bag, exhibition non-woven bag and a shopping non-woven bag that with the help of VIVAN graphic designers, we can show off your business with a wonderful and innovative method. When you order from VIVAN, you won't be disappointed because we are well known for our promptness and superior services. Our products are always delivered on time with excellent quality. Place your order to become one of our repeat customers.

Size & Thickness

VIVAN non-woven bags are available in 70 sizes with different widths and heights. Their width has a wide variety from 15 cm to 70 cm and the height of them is varied from 20 cm to 55 cm. Also, we produce our non-woven bags with a different fabric thickness (60 gsm, 70 gsm, 90 gsm and 100 gsm) that 60 gsm and 70 gsm are the popular thicknesses for promotional bags and exhibition bags.

Popular Sizes ( Width x Height ) : 25 x 35 cm, 35 x 45 cm, 40 x 40 cm


Any type of non-woven bags such as promotional non-woven bag, exhibition non-woven bag and shopping non-woven bag can be printed with solid colors using silk screen printing that be limited to a few colors from these below categories. Non-woven bags with printed brand name, logo, slogan or other information is great for promotional use.

Normal Colors : Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Violet & ...
Special Colors : White, Fluorescent Colors
Metallic Colors : Gold, Silver

Recommended Print Colors

Please select a non-woven bag color ...


Photocinex Non-woven Bag
Caren Gallery Non-woven Bag
Pishtazan Tour Non-woven Bag
Libera Graphic Non-woven Bag
Ramshin Chemie Non-woven Bag
Tecno Tel Non-woven Bag
Persian Pet Non-woven Bag
Energy Investment Non-woven Bag
Atlas Shimi Non-woven Bag
Tehran Civil Non-woven Calendar Cover
Aryan Beris Non-woven Bag
Horman Pars Non-woven Bag
Ashianeh Sabz Non-woven Bag
Non-woven Bag Sample
Non-woven Bag Sample Print
Non-woven Bag Fabric Sample
Non-woven Bag Fabric Color Sample

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